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Global Procurement and Supply Chain Management Excellence Workshop and Conference 2020

25/Nov/2020 - 26/Nov/2020 Virtual Conference


A New Reality for Procurement and Supply Chains  





Projects Procurement and Supply chain management is not new – to varying degrees it’s the tool used to ensure critical production needs are met, costs are managed and processes are streamlined. There is no discrimination based on Project size, or which segment of the industry your business occupies. With few exceptions, this is still largely managed as a procurement and cost control issue in the energy sector. Consideration of SR issues widens the court,


The conference will cover lessons learned during the covid- 19 pandemic and prediction of future challenges:

Framework for the calculation of contractor entitlement for time and costs associated with delay and disruption from COVID-19 related events, including your position on profit (noting government guidance generally points to the philosophy of neither party materially benefiting).

Ensure the framework is tested both prior to your market approach and as part of offer evaluation / negotiations, and consider including the contractor at this stage.

How you can appropriately engage with potential contractors as part of the procurement process. Contractors generally have better visibility of risks in the sub-contracting and supply market and their feedback in this regard can help ensure your offer to market is attractive.

Consider a collaborative integrated team approach to increase knowledge transfer, project efficiency.

Developing a more agile supply chain and Addressing forecasting accuracy.

Future of global supply-chain and effects of covid-19 control measures.