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OPEX PMP EPC Project Management Summit 2023

22/Mar/2023 - 24/Mar/2023 London . United Kingdom

Don’t Miss The Most Important PMP EPC Project Management Summit for the 2023 - 2026 Outlook! Joined by 200+ industry's top practitioners and leading experts from around the globe to discuss ideas and best practices, analyse industry Size & Forecast, Emerging Trends, Opportunities, and Investment Risks for 40+ Construction Market Segments.

For the past years, project management has become an essential part of a series of industry segments, because it crosses corporate and geographic boundaries, adapting to different businesses and teams’ particularities. And, due to its ever-expanding nature, every year we can foresee upcoming project management trends and predictions that are expected to bring even more advantages for the field. Understanding these predictions is what gives project managers and their employees the ability to be well-prepared for what comes and make smarter decisions. Use each one to better understand your goals for the upcoming year and what the industry may look like in 2023. In 2022, as we move into the second year of recovery, the industry has a big role in supporting the nation’s growth plan. The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), with investments across health care, public safety, and other public infrastructure.

The residential segment is expected to stay strong and exhibit similar activity as it did in 2022. The industry has increased its investments in digital, including through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), as it prepares to shift toward connected construction capabilities. These technologies can help E&C firms support initiatives such as smart cities, urban air mobility, and climate change programs and help enhance internal operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve margins. 2023 is likely to be an exciting year for the engineering and construction industry, and our PMP Global EPC Project Management Professional Summit will explore key themes to watch closely and provide you with practical guide to approach your EPC Project for 2023 – 2026 Outlook.

At OPEX PMP EPC Summit  we will explore key considerations for contractors, operators and sharholders including:

  • Turning Top EPC Challenges into Opportunities
  • Critical new challenges facing Construction industry rising materials prices and labour costs, staff shortages,supply chain issues, and depleted stocks.
  • Bottom Line - Project Complexity - Applying New Complexity Model
  • EPC 2023 - 2030: Five vital characteristics that will define the EPC firm of tomorrow
  • Discover Project Risk by phase The Dawn of a New Era for Project Management
  • The Key to Successful Project Execution (Strategy from the planning process)
  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) analyze industry 2023 - 2030 Size & Forecast, Emerging
    Trends, Opportunities, and Investment Risks for 40+ Construction Market Segments
  • How contractors can help project owners mitigate risk.