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6th Annual Global EPC Project Management Summit 2019

04/Apr/2019 - 05/Apr/2019 Barcelona , Spain

While project success metrics are less than optimistic, effective project management can deliver tremendous business value by improving project execution and strategic resource alignment. Industry agree. An astounding 97 percent of organisations believe project management is critical to business performance and organisational success

In reality, some projects will fail and yet, many failures are easily avoidable. In these situations, failure rarely has anything to do with project management itself. Taking a few relatively simple corrective steps can quickly illustrate the PMO’s value and head off trouble before it impacts how the PMO is perceived.

The final phases of a project are when problems, many of which existed all along, become most visible. Though a few people might have known issues existed, they expected all would be worked out eventually. Meanwhile, other problems seem to come out of nowhere. In either case, all problems must be fixed, and they come to light closer to the production start-up deadline. Questions emerge at this stage: How did we get to this point? Can we do anything about it this late in the game?

OPEX 5th Annual Global EPC Project Management Summit with Project Execution Strategy (PES) focus will support industry by highlighting the following Topics in 3 days summit:

  • Critical Competencies for Emerging Leaders
  • Implementing successful talent acquisition and movement with workforce planning strategy.
  • Bottom Line - Project Complexity - Applying New Complexity Model
  • Explore Project Management Problems in the Project Execution Phase
  • Discover Project Risk by phase
  • Identify and mitigate risk before the start of a project with more effective appraisal.
  • Effective interface management plan (getting progress data from Multiple Subcontractors)
  • The Key to Successful Project Execution (Strategy from the planning process)