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Global Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Infrastructure Project Management Summit April 2019

04/Apr/2019 - 05/Apr/2019 Barcelona , Spain

Global Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Infrastructure Summit 300+ Experts Summit Barcelona Spain 2019.

While project success metrics are less than optimistic, effective project management can deliver tremendous business value by improving project execution and strategic resource alignment. Industry agree. An astounding 97% of organisations believe project management is critical to business performance and organisational success

In reality, some projects will fail and yet, many failures are easily avoidable. In these situations, failure rarely has anything to do with project management itself. Taking a few relatively simple corrective steps can quickly illustrate the PMO’s value and head off trouble before it impacts how the PMO is perceived.

According to the Harvard Business Review, purchased products and services account for more than 50 % of the average energy company’s total costs. Thus, even a 05% reduction in purchase costs can result in a significant increase in the profit margin for companies. It’s also important to have complete visibility into the suppliers’.

Although the type of Project Procurement obstacles vary depending on factors such as location and depth of geological, technical and operational knowledge and nature of operating unit, challenges can creep into any part of the supply chain and create problems with ripple effects, whether it’s with delivery of in-bound materials or spare parts prior to demanding project schedule.

Engineering Procurement Construction & Infrastructure (epc & i) 300+ Experts Summit in Barcelona Spain April 2019 One of the largest Industries Summit In Project Management this year with Project Procurement Focus will highlight:

- Developing greater project foresight

- Explore future of Procurement with creative approaches and practices

- Get Familiar with efficiently managing purchasing & relationship network sustainability

- Foster cross-partnerships among project stakeholders to positively impact upon a sector assistance strategy

- Discover implementation of digital transformation,

- Network optimization and big data in logistics/PSCM.

- Effective interface management plan (Getting progress data from Multiple Subcontractors)

- Applying case analysis to determine a project’s strengths, weakness and possible failure factor

- Learn how to support effective complex, multi-project management

The 300+ Summit Offer Special Participation Rate by 15th February 2019: 

For Group of 08 and More, Please contact our registration department for available group discount.