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Event Detail

9th Annual Global Digital Maintenance & Asset Integrity Management Summit 2022

24/Feb/2022 - 25/Feb/2022 London . United Kingdom





Will cover this year one of the most crucial topic today and provide strategic information of how to maintain plan when there is shift of demand and supply in High Volatile Market situation. Today it is very important to maintain your plants while keeping the cost to minimum while compromising on Quality. The main focus will be upon the key areas that contribute to successful and efficient turnarounds for both onshore and offshore assets, with dedicated sessions towards optimal contractor management, planning and scheduling, scope management, cost control, as well as on site and post execution strategies.

Plants shutdown turnaround and evidently digital tools and methods will be one of the key focus of the event with cost-effective tailor-made integrity program specifically developed for different asset’s size and complexity. 

The 7th Annual Global Total Maintenance & Asset Integrity Management Summit London  October 2020 target the integrity and reliability of the assets, the overall effectiveness of the monitoring systems in place and the tactical tools for having a better way of assessing conditions and maintaining that as an electronic record to go forward with is a key driver for pushing toward some kind of operational excellence and improved site maintenance. 


Summit Key Topics including :

- How to Avoid the effects of poor or incomplete planning,

- Efficient allocation of Resources, HRM Management t or maintenance modelling,

- Effective Time management resource allocation and maintenance and problem-solving,

- Minimize downtime and breakdowns with perfect preventive and corrective practice,

- Deliver an effective, efficient and timely maintenance service,

- Execute successful and timely shutdowns will be covered by quality speakers from the Industry.